Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Idiomatical Expression


*      A BEAR FOR              : ANTUSIAS, BERSEMANGAT
Ex : She was bear for holding that party

*      A BLUE ROSE             : MUSTAHIL
Ex : If we always try and try, there is no blue rose in this world

*      A GONE COON      : PUTUS ASA
Ex :  A gone coon condition can create a failure

*      ABREAST OF             : MENGIKUTI
Ex :  She is usually abreast of my advise

*      AT SEA                                   : BINGUNG
Ex : I am at sea whether I should forget him or not

Ex : He was back and forth to look for his kitty

*      BALL UP                     : MEMBINGUNGKAN
Ex : Your speech  is able to ball up many people

*      BANK ON                  : MEMPERCAYAI
Ex : I bank on you to overcome that problem

*      BE DONE                    : DITIPU, TERTIPU
Ex : Because of his carelessness he was done
*      BEEF ABOUT              : MENGELUH
Ex : The workers beef about their salary

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